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Want the Best From Your Copywriter? Give Your Copywriter Two Essential Items

August 25, 2011


Hiring a copywriter is one of the best decisions you can ever make for your company, especially if you have found one that can match your marketing style and brand. What some business and site owners may not realize, however, is that the success of the project will depend partially on your communication with the […]

Moral Convictions – Are There any Jobs You Won’t Take as a Copywriter?

August 3, 2011


Businesses that have different morals than you do. Businesses that sell a product you don’t believe in. Businesses that are dishonest. Businesses that try to cover up bad reviews by paying you to “build them up.” Businesses that you know are scamming people…..Where do you draw the line? I believe it is different for everyone. […]

Is Your SEO Copywriter Hurting Your Business? – 5 Things Your SEO Copywriter Won’t Tell You

August 1, 2011


SEO copywriting can make your site more appealing to the search engines, organically driving more traffic in your direction – when it is done correctly. Done incorrectly, your website can face hefty penalties from the search engines. You can even be BANNED from search engines. This fact has placed SEO copywriting in a very difficult […]

The Copywriter’s Unwritten Code of Ethics

February 10, 2011


Whether you are hiring a copywriter or performing work for a client, there is an unspoken code of ethics you should be aware of. Adhering to copywriter ethics ensures that clients receive the best services possible. It also protects our way of living. If you are not aware of the copywriter code of ethics, you […]

A Better Way to SEO

January 18, 2011


We have all seen it, one time or another. SEO articles written for search engines. They don’t make sense. Sentence structure and flow are not intended for human consumption. This is abuse of a highly functional marketing tool and it gives SEO articles a bad name. Poorly written SEO articles are:-unprofessional-incoherent-cost you business I have […]

And So We Begin

January 12, 2011


The Copywriter’s Desk is designed to aid both copywriters as well as clients that need the services of copywriters. I also hope to inspire others who wish to find a new and exciting career that offers freedom and flexibility. It is my goal to feature a new copywriter each week here at The Copywriter’s Desk. I also […]