Cathy Givans has more than two years of experience as a freelance copywriter. Work ghostwritten by Cathy can be found all over the internet and she is a self-published author on sites like Rachael Wade’s Realm, Growing Your Baby, Associated Content and eHow.

Cathy provides work to clients from a variety of niches and specialties and is well-known for her all-encompassing, personalized  services. More than just a writer, Cathy is a professional who takes the best interest of her clients to heart.

In addition to her growing, successful career, Cathy cares for a full house; a husband and five children ranging in ages from 13 to 2. She is a book devourer, a novice tree-hugger, a former medical assistant, a vegetarian almost vegan, a lover of the Earth and people.

Cathy offers personalized quotes to all of her clients and can be reached

By phone: 623-201-9644

By email: thecopywritersdesk [at] yahoo [dot] com

On Facebook: Cathy Givans

On Twitter: @cathygivans

By mail: 1106 S. Main St, Blackwell, OK 74631

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