Where to Find a Copywriter for Your Project

Posted on December 4, 2011


Looking for a copywriter for your project but aren’t sure where to start? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many companies have recently heard about the benefits of outsourcing their copywriting projects to freelancers, but they aren’t really sure where to find them. Whether you’re a small, privately run business or a large corporate business, this list of freelancer sources will help you sort out the different freelance writing sources so that you can find the perfect copywriter for your project.

Dot Com Freelancer Sites

Dot com freelancer sites have grown drastically in popularity because of the “cost-efficiency” of many of the writers. Projects can be done for as little as a penny a word and almost any type of copy you want can be purchased through this medium, but buyer beware! Few professional copywriters that deliver results are willing to work for such a pittance. Remember, to get professional copy, you need to pay professional prices.


LinkedIn is a professional network of people. CEO’s, advertising agents and yes, even freelance copywriters can be found on LinkedIn. While you will find the occasional new or inexperienced or poor writer here, very few poor writers bother with a LinkedIn account. You can almost be certain that any copywriter you find here is well seasoned and ready to meet your needs. Prices will range drastically and you can find affordable writers this way, just be certain that you ask for references, samples and previous writing experience.

Copywriting Blogs/Websites

Most professional copywriters that are serious about their business will have a blog or website to feature their writing (e.g. The Copywriter’s Desk). Professionals know that most businesses, ad agencies and marketers look online at some point in time to check out our credentials and reliability. We create a business, which comes complete with a website. While there are a few exceptions, you can almost bet your money that any freelance copywriter with a website is equipped to handle your project with quality and professionalism. Writers that have websites usually lean a little more professional, so expect to pay more professional prices…but don’t worry, the results will be worth it.

Direct Marketing

Many freelance copywriters do their own direct marketing to companies. I try to spend at least an hour a week marketing myself to new clients. I contact them through email. I make phone calls. I send a list of my experience and clients that I have written for to various prospects. You may have received mail like this and never gave it a second thought.

Writers that direct market their writing and their services are serious about their business. They are willing to meet with you in person. They are willing to share their writing portfolio and client history with you. They are willing to talk to you on the phone. They go the extra length to make sure that you know that they offer services that will meet your copywriting needs, and in most cases, they are telling you the truth. Again, you’re going to pay a premium price, but you will also receive premium results.

Choosing Your Source

This list is far from exhaustive. As the need for and popularity of freelance writers grows, so do the mediums in which to find them. Not all of them are trustworthy. Some of them rob writers of the pay they rightly deserve. I even wrote for one source that paid me less than two cents a word, while they were collecting dollars per word from the buying client. Some of these sources breed writers that are underpaid, overworked and unhappy – I speak from experience. And trust me, an overworked, underpaid and unhappy writer can be heard through their copy.

If you want the best, pay for the best. Expect to pay higher prices, but know that your writer loves what they do. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t take the time or make the effort to make their little writing blurbs a business. Just like all businesses, professionalism is a must. And just like any professional, a professional writer deserves professional prices. After all, you wouldn’t expect to pay your mechanic pennies per hour, not if you want a car that runs anyway….