Can You Receive Discount Services from Your Current Copywriter? Find Out Why and How

Posted on August 31, 2011


Sometimes, when a client hires a copywriter, they have a one-track mind. All they are thinking about is getting the current task at hand completed. Maybe they just need a white page or maybe they are just interested in getting their website copy created. Whatever the need, or whatever the reason, when a new need for copy comes along, clients sometimes fail to consider that the copywriter they are currently working with might offer the additional services they are looking for – often for less.

Case in Point

I have a few areas I specialize in – article marketing, press releases, blog posts, medical writing, newsletters, sales pages and website content. There are other types of copy that I don’t specialize in, but I can write proficiently – direct mail, emails, magalogs, product descriptions, etc. There are also some types of copy that I can write and do write, but I don’t feel that I can give my client the same polished, tailored edge that a specialist could. This list includes anything technical – copy that relates to software, computers and other “techie” stuff. I offer a discount on these items.

Why you ask…because I want to meet the needs of my clients to the fullest of my capabilities. I may not like these topics and writing about them can make my head spin, but I would much rather my client come to me and ask me to write something I hate than to see them accidentally end up with crappy copy because they found a poor writer.

The point I am trying to make is this – most copywriters offer a wide variety of services. In some cases, such as mine, discounts are offered for the “secondary services.” Why offer you a discount? We know you could find a specialist and pay full rates and get better copy than we can provide. To ask you to pay the same rates on tech writing l that I ask for on a press release would be like me asking you to pay the same price for unleaded gas as you do premium. It’s still good, but not the best you can get.

So why should you hire the same writer to do work that you can hire a specialist for? Why not hire the specialist for better results? There are several reasons, actually:

  • The writer you are currently working with may be able to deliver on a shorter deadline time because they already know and understand your business.
  • If funds are limited, you can still get quality copy for a lower price – even if it isn’t the copywriter’s specialty.
  • All of your copy – from beginning to end – will have the same ‘voice.’

Don’t get me wrong! If you can hire a specialist, if you can afford it and know a really good one – go for the specialist! But do you know a quality specialist? That is where the problem rests in hiring a second writer.

Most copywriters will let you know if they can’t provide the services you are looking for. Many of us also network with other writers. As a result, if we feel that we aren’t qualified to complete the project you need, we can refer you to someone that can – someone we trust and know, someone that YOU can trust. And in a world where there are copywriters that don’t deliver – that referral can be worth its weight in gold! So, before you search for a new writer for a different kind of copy, make sure you ask your copywriter if they provide additional services. You just might be surprised at the results it brings.