What You Should Know Before Writing Copy for Your Website

Posted on August 17, 2011


Photo courtesy of Chrisharvey @ Dreamstime.comWhen you first start an online business, funds are often tight. Advertising, logo design and website building alone can practically extinguish your start-up fees. After all is said and done, you may consider doing the copy for your site instead of shelling out the money for yet another professional. But should you? I mean, it is just words on a page, right? Not exactly.

Copywriting – More Than Just Words

Copywriting involves much more than just putting words on a page. A good copywriter studies people. They understand people. They know how to engage and connect with people through the written word. True copywriting is more than just words on a page – it is art.

Still not convinced? Look at it this way – you can change the oil in your car but it doesn’t make you a mechanic. While you may be able to fix a tripped circuit in your home, you probably wouldn’t even imagine trying to rewire your house on your own. You can cook a meal for your family but it doesn’t make you a chef. You can write some words on a page but it doesn’t make you a copywriter.

I am not disputing intelligence. I’m not even questioning your ability to form sentences, use prepositions correctly or your spelling. What I am saying is that a copywriter is a skilled professional – someone that can go beyond the words, capture your vision and deliver it in a way that your prospects can see, feel taste, understand and desire it.

Copy Writing Sells

So many site owners have put so much precedence on flashy logos, templates and site designs that they have forgotten a key point in website design. Your logo won’t sell people. Neither will your template. Sure, a great design is easier on the eyes but what really sells people on your product or service is the copy. Why do you think big marketing agencies put so much work into coming up with just the right slogan? It’s because words stick with people. If you want a site that really promotes your business, don’t ever, and I mean never, skimp on copywriting.