Quality or Price – Isn’t Copywriting All the Same?

Posted on July 18, 2011


Copywriting is copywriting….right? Well, yes and no. While most copywriters and freelance writers perform the same tasks, they are not all the same. Pricing, skills, grammar, attention to detail, voice and fluency are all different from one writer to the next. We all have special skills and different elements that we can bring to a project but there are some copywriters that you may want to avoid altogether.

Education Isn’t Always Necessary

Good writers do not have to have a degree. It’s true. While I am certainly not the best copywriter in existence I fare pretty well in my niche without a big college degree. Yes, I went to technical school but my education is completely unrelated to what I do, unless I am providing medical information to a client.

What makes a writer excel is a love for words. Reading and writing are frequent occurrences in the lives of good copywriters. We devour nearly any book we can get our hands on. We read classics, sci-fi, news posts and much, much more. We write, just for the sake of writing. We feel free and alive when we write. It is an extension of who we are and, without it, we feel loss.

Experience is Great – But Not Required

I find myself immensely frustrated when I start out on a new freelancing site. Despite the fact that I have a full portfolio and my work is all over the internet, both ghostwritten and self-published, I find that it is hard to start a new profile.

Even when I first started writing as a freelance writer, it was hard. Writing has always been a part of my life. And, while I grow each and every day, especially now that it is my main source of income, I was still an acceptable writer in the beginning. All this goes to show that experience does help but it isn’t necessarily an indication of how well a person can write.

How Important is Price?

Ah, now we come to the hard part….price. Pricing is so varied in copywriting. In fact, it is probably one of the few professions that can’t get a rough estimate on. Really! Just check out one of the many popular freelance writing sites and you will see what I mean.
So how much is too much? How much is too little. Well, that really all depends on you. Think of it this way: When you go to the dollar store to buy something, how long do you expect it to last? What kind of quality are you expecting?

The same thing goes for copywriting. If you pay $2.00 an article, you will often find the work to be riddled with mistakes, errors and, in some cases, it may not even make sense. I can’t tell you how often I visit a site and, within moments, I can tell that a “discount copywriter” did the work. I struggle just to keep focused because I spend so much time trying to decipher the writing.

In contrast, you have the high-end writers. Expensive copywriters aren’t always the answer either. Copywriters who charge more don’t always write better. Sure, the mistakes might not be as blatant, but you might have found a copywriter that could convey the message you were trying to achieve by hiring a slightly lower-priced writer.

The truth is that there is no real way to determine which copywriter is best – outside of references and work samples. If you need a copywriter, read their samples – really read them. You may even have someone who is unbiased take a look at their work and ask their honest opinion. Call or email their references. Find out what other clients have to say. Don’t take everything to heart but go with the majority.

I hope this helps to clear up some confusion about finding a copywriter and you are always welcome to email me with any questions at thecopywritersdesk[at]yahoo[dot]com.