A Better Way to SEO

Posted on January 18, 2011


We have all seen it, one time or another. SEO articles written for search engines. They don’t make sense. Sentence structure and flow are not intended for human consumption. This is abuse of a highly functional marketing tool and it gives SEO articles a bad name.

Poorly written SEO articles are:
-cost you business

I have encountered a number of clients that loathe SEO. Not because the discredit its usefulness but because they have a poor perception of what SEO articles look like.

SEO can and should be written for human consumption. It is possible to utilize this effective marketing tool and still maintain professional copy work, if you know how. Here are some tips for both writers and clients that can assist you in SEO writing.

* Input your primary keyword into Google AdWords. You will receive a list of related keywords.
* Your list will give you complete demographics on the popularity and competition using each specific   keyword phrase.
*Choose three to four keywords. Read each keyword phrase carefully. Does it make sense? Could it be placed in a coherent sentence? If not, you may still be able to use the keyword phrase. As long as the phrase is present, Google will recognize the phrase if it is searched for.

*Really, really, really focus on using keywords and keyword phrases in a coherent sentence. Go back and read the sentences. If they don’t make sense, find a way to alter the sentence so that it makes sense and sounds natural.
*Do NOT keyword stuff. For SEO articles, keyword density should average between 2% and 5%.
*There are a number of keyword density tools you can use, some of which are free. Try SEO Book or goRank
*If a client gives you an awkward keyword phrase, ask if you can alter the phrase just enough to make sense. The best way to do this is to keep the primary keywords and move them around. Try to avoid using stop words.
*A basic formula to use- one primary keyword phrase per hundred words, at least one secondary keyword phrase per hundred words.

If approached correctly, SEO can be an effective marketing tool that gets your page noticed by search engines. If used incorrectly, the search engine attention won’t matter. Once customers see the poor copy content, they will perceive your company as unprofessional.